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Darwin Core Archive Publishing

The following downloads are occurrence data packages from collections that have chosen to publish their complete dataset as a Darwin Core Archive (DwC-A) file. A DwC-A file is a single compressed ZIP file that contains one to several data files along with a meta.xml document that describes the content. The archives below contain three comma separated (CSV) files containing occurrences, identifications (determinations), and image metadata. Fields within the occurrences.csv file are defined by the Darwin Core exchange standard. The identification and image files follow the DwC extensions for those data types.

Data Usage Policy:

Use of these datasets requires agreement with the terms and conditions in our Data Usage Policy. Locality details for rare, threatened, or sensitive records have been redacted from these data files. One must contact the collections directly to obtain access to sensitive locality data.
CodeCollection NameDwC-ArchiveMetadataPub Date
CSB Bailey Herbarium at College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University DwC-A (2.9M ) EML 2023-11-21
MIN-Algae Bell Museum algae DwC-A (0.2M ) EML 2024-02-26
JFBM-Herps Bell Museum amphibians and reptiles DwC-A (0.8M ) EML 2023-11-21
MMNH-Birds Bell Museum birds DwC-A (4.1M ) EML 2023-11-21
MIN-Bryophytes Bell Museum bryophytes DwC-A (9.2M ) EML 2024-02-26
JFBM-Fishes Bell Museum fishes DwC-A (3.7M ) EML 2023-11-21
MIN-Fungi Bell Museum fungi DwC-A (10M ) EML 2024-02-26
MIN-Lichens Bell Museum lichens DwC-A (15.1M ) EML 2024-02-26
MMNH-Mammals Bell Museum mammals DwC-A (1M ) EML 2023-11-21
JFBM-Mollusks Bell Museum mollusks DwC-A (1M ) EML 2023-11-21
MIN-Paleobotany Bell Museum paleobotany DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2023-11-21
MIN-Plants Bell Museum plants DwC-A (53.4M ) EML 2024-03-04
MMNH-Vertpaleo Bell Museum vertebrate paleontology DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2023-11-21
MANK Darlene and William Radichel Herbarium, Minnesota State University Mankato DwC-A (0.9M ) EML 2023-11-21
UMD-DUL Olga Lakela Herbarium, University of Minnesota Duluth DwC-A (7.2M ) EML 2023-11-21
SMM Science Museum of Minnesota DwC-A (0.8M ) EML 2023-11-21
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